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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My tortured love situation is about Bob, who likes this girl named Sarah. However, his friend Bill also likes Sarah. Naturally, they fight over her, creating a tortured love situation. My poem will be from the perspective of Bob(very cheesily dramatic.)

How I Feel
I love her,
I really do.
I think about her everyday
she's always on my mind,
Sarah means the world to me.
She is like the sun,
bright, beautiful,
always cheering me up,
But Bill,
Damnit Bill
why did you
get involved?
I loved her long before
you even knew
who she was.
As soon as I
got close to her
you tried to steal her.
We've never fought before,
why do we have to
fight over her?
Only one can have the prize.
I found the treasure
before you did.
And whatever he does,
I'm not letting go of it.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bob and Ed’s Bad Day
(I apoligize for the effed up formating.)

[listening to music]
I’ve been waiting forty minutes for this stupid bus and it still hasn’t showed up, I’ve listened to this song ten times.

[BOB checks his watch to see what time it is]

Oh crap, its 7:50, now I’m late for first hour.

[BOB’s friend ED shows up from the next bus stop to figure out why the bus isn’t showing up.]
Hey Bob, have you seen the bus yet?

Of course I have, that’s why I’m still standing here.

Very funny Dave Chapele, but seriously, you think the bus company would plan for road construction.

[After waiting for a while longer, BOB and ED finally figure out that their bus isn’t coming.]

Damnit, the frickin bus still hasn’t showed up. You think we should just stay home and hang out.

No thanks, I’ll just walk to school.

[asking desperately]
Come on, we could stay home and play my Xbox all day, order pizza, what isn’t there to like.

I don’t know, just the fact that we’ll be in deep crap. I don’t know about you, but I’m going.

[speaking angrily]
Fine, I’ll go. Sometimes I wonder why I hang out with you.

[Bob and Ed then walk to school, stopping for breakfast at McDonald’s along the way. ]

Yeah, I’ll take an egg Mcmuffin and a large orange juice.

I’ll just take a small milk.

Mcdonald’s clerk
That’ll be $5.00
[BOB and ED pay the money and find a place to sit.]

[talking with mouth full]
Man, this is good stuff. How come all you got was a small milk when you can get
a lot better stuff?

All that fast food is bad for your health, and why are you talking with food in your mouth?
[yelling with food in his mouth]
Who cares if it’s bad for your health, it tastes good. Man, you’re a geek sometimes.

Correction, I’m a nerd. Geeks don’t admit their nerds, nerds do
I seriously wonder why I keep you around. Hey, you want to go see a movie or something.
I already told you I’m going to school. I have a chemistry test next hour. If I don’t show up, my A+ will go down to an A and my two year string of A+ will be over.[ED goes into a panic.] Then my friends will shun me, my teachers will look at me as another average kid, I won’t get into NHS, there’s no way I’ll get into college and oh God, the horror.

[extremely annoyed]
Fine, we’ll go to school.

[BOB and ED then walk to school. As soon as they get there, they split off, get a pass from their house offices and head off to first hour.]

[breathing heavily]
Okay, I’m finally at school and there are no more buses or road construction. Crap, I hope first hour isn’t over yet.

[Bob checks his watch and sees that it is 9:00.]

[running to get to class]
Good, I still have ten minutes left. Wait, why am I running again if I still have ten minutes?

[BOB arrives in first hour and gets the immediate stare of doom from MS. GRINGBOTTOM.]

Ms. Gringbottom
Bob, why are you late to class.

It’s because my bus was late and I-

Ms. Gringbottom
[yelling loudly]

But I have a pass from my house office that says-

Ms. Gringbottom
Do you really think that I care about some stupid piece of paper? The fact of the matter is, you were more than an hour late to class. I’m going to be sure to give you. Saturday school for a month.

You can’t do that! Cruel and unusual punishment is illegal. Besides, it’s not my fault the damn bus didn’t show up

Ms. Gringbottom
There are some exceptions, this is just one of them.

You’re the biggest bit-

[The bell rings]

Thank god I got out of that class.

[BOB then runs into ED.]

This is certainly not good.

I know what you mean.

My teacher gave me Saturday school for a month. Now my friends will shun me, my teachers will look at me as another average kid, I won’t-

[interrupting and speaking loudly]
I know Ed, I’ve heard it all before. My teacher is so retarded. Cruel and unusual punishment is illegal, she’s lucky I don’t sue her ass off. This is so gay it’s almost-

[PRINCIPAL PETERSON hears the conversation]

Principal Peterson
Did you just call your teacher retarded and gay?

Yes, why?

Principal Peterson
That is offensive to gay and retarded people

That is the gayest rule that I have ever heard.

Principal Peterson
Now you too? I have no choice but to suspend you both for disrespect towards retarded and gay people.

That’s a load of-

Principal Peterson
Both of you, get out of my school before I have you thrown out.

[BOB and ED leave the school and walk to Bob’s house. With nothing better to do, they decide to sit around and complain.]

This sucks, the bus doesn’t show up, we walk to school, get Saturday school and get suspended. Now my friends will shun me, my teachers will-

Really, because I had no idea [pauses] Hey Ed, are you sick of buses that don’t show up.

Yes, it screwed everything up

Are you sick of teachers who abuse their power just because of the fact that they’re teachers?

Yeah, who wouldn’t be?

If you could change the school, would you?

Yeah, but what’s with all the questions?

Ed my friend, we are going to change the school and I’ll tell you how we’re going to do it. Ed, we are going to TAKE OVER THE SCHOOL.

Radical Interpretation
I think the poem "Never offer your heart to someone who eats hearts" is about heart eating canibals. It talks about finding heart meat delicous, sucking the juices from it drop by drop, and grins with blood on his chin. That sound a lot like a canibal to me, doesn't it. it says " send it shuffling from side to side to side in his mouth like bubblegum,"thats pretty sick chubs. It tells you how to protect your heart from canibals by freezing it, so they will find it "flinty and unappetizing."Overall, I think Alice Walker wrote this poem to tell about canibals and how to protect yourself from them.