My name is Ryan Hoyt and i'm a juinor at CPHS. I like to play video games, play bass guitar in my band King's Ace. I am pretty big, but i'm actually a gentle giant

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

From Far Away
I'm looking at you from far away
seeing how amazing you truly are
Wishing you were in my arms right now
you are right here, yet you are so far
You're beautiful, like the morning sunrise
a bright, radiant personality
I get that warm feeling when I look into your eyes
wondering, if I'm still in reality
And In the blink of an eye, you were gone
before I realized what I even had
An illustrious gem, gone for far too long
every time I think about it, I get mad
I hope I'll make the most of it this time
Then maybe, I'll get to call you mine


Blogger Deidre Smith said...

That's really touching. I really love your adjectives! Although since you're writing about love, there are a few cliches in there. I don't really like the word "gem"...try using something different

8:17 AM  

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