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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Personal Memoir

I have liked Ana for the past year and a half. I have always wanted to ask her out. Every time I want to I end up chickening out. Now, I'm finally going to ask her out and i'm going through with it this time. I got advice from my friend Pablo, and here I am. It is right after third hour and I haven't been able to find her. I run into Pablo and start to panic.
"This sucks, I can't find her anywhere," I said, panicing.
"There she is man, just go for it," Pablo said,encouraging me.

I knew she was there, I was just too nervous to ask her out. This was the first time I had asked a girl out, and I felt like I was going to have a heart attack.
"All right, I'm going for it," I said to myself, sweating and short of breath.

I've chickened out too many times and I'll be damned if I do it again. I've waited a year and a half for this and I'm finally going to do it. There I saw her, talking with her friend. Damnit, I can't do it, not like this. They walked towards the A wing, and I followed at a distance. I followed her for about two minutes, my heart beating faster and louder with each beat. Her friend just left, she was all alone. It was now or never and I decided that my time was now.

"Hey Ana, uhuhuh, hows it going," I said, damnit I was choking.
"Oh Ryan, I didn't expect to see you here," Ana said.
"Hey,umm,I was,um, wondering if you would go to the football game with uhh, me," I stuttered, sounding like a total dumbass in the proccess.
"Like a date?"Ana replied.
"Um, yeah" I said.
"No thanks, I don't really want a boyfriend right now,"She replied.
"Okay then, I'll uh, see you around," I said.

Hipty dipty freakin wonderful, I just made an idiot of myself in front of the girl I've liked for the past year and a half. At the same time, I was pretty proud of myself. I had finally grown a set of balls and asked a girl out. She said she didn't sant a boy friend, so its not like she straight up said no.
After fourth hour, I decided to wait by the balcony for my friend Jared. Jared is probably the coolest friend I have and is pretty much the solution to all my problems. As I stood there waiting, I looked down and what do you know, I see two people making out. Upon closer inspection, I realize that it is Ana making out with Pablo. Right as I saw this, Jared showed up.

"Oh hell no," I angrily said to myself under my breath, "You got to be fu**ing kidding me. I couldn't believed it, that bastard stabbed me in the back and planed it all along. And Ana, man don't even get me started on her. She flat out lied to me and played me for a fool. I want to ask her out for a year and a half and this is how it ends up.

"DAMNIT," I yelled, not caring what any one else though.

"Hey man, chill out. I know your pissed, but complaining about it won't make it go away," said Jared. Jared always had a way with calming me down, even when I wanted to tear someone's head off.

"Thanks dude, I need that," I said.

We then went home, deciding to take my bus. The immature freshman that dominate my bus bugged the crap out of me, only adding to my frustration. Once we got home, Jared decided Pablo on his cell phone to see if he was doing anything. He found out that he was going to El Toro with his "family", what a load of crap. I then decided to formulate a game plan to make them miserable. I know it seems a little cruel and juvenile, but drastic times call for some drastic measures. Besides, they did lie to me and stab me in the back, so all is fair.

As I thought about exactly how to extract revenge, I came up with probably the stupidest idea I have ever thought of. I thought that we could dress up as a mexican band and sabotage the date. Jared could bring his acoustic guitar and I could use an old crappy harmonica I have somewhere. We could play bad music, screw up their order and "accidentaly spill a few drinks. I decided to pitch the idea to Jared.

"You're kidding right? Out of every stupid idea you've thought of, this has to be the absolute worst," said Jared, "But it is so dumb, that we might be able to make it work.

Then that was it, the plan was set. For the disguises, we decided to go to a costume shop. We bought two sombrero's, two fake mustaches and a black wig. I changed into my suit and Jared put on his tux. We then put on the finishing touches and we were of to El Toro.


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