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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Short story
It was a beautiful fall morning. Mr. Jack Studmeister woke up in his room. To his suprise, he found to half naked women on his bedroom floor sound asleep.
"What the hell is going on here,"he yelled. This woke up the two women in his room.
"Don't you remember last night,we had fun "chemical bonding"," said the taller, blonde woman.
"All three of us went to bed veerry happy," said the shorter, red haired woman.
"I don't know what happened or who you are, get out of my room," Studmeister yelled.
"Fine, see if we ever pay attention in your class again," yelled the two woman.They then stormed out of his house.
Mr. Studmeister had no idea that he was drunk as hell the night before and slept with the two women. He does this because he is a stud, and if your a stud, you can do whatever the heck you feel like. Studmeister then looked at his alarm and saw that he had overslept three hours.
"Oh snap, I better hurry,"said Studmeister.
Mr. Studmeister was a science teacher at Bealzebub School for the Gifted. Since he is a stud, he hits on every hot girl that comes into his class.
As he rushed out the door, Mr. Studmeister decided to get hot chocolate from Caribou. He decided to walk, seeing as how it was very nice outside. As he walked, he could feel the fall breeze against his skin. There were brightly colored leaves falling from the trees, it was a beautiful sight.
"Ah nature's biology, as beautiful as the biology of some of my students" said Studmeister.
As he walked int Caribou, he was startled. He saw his favorite student Kina. He had a thing for Kina, and hit on her every chance he got. It was to the point where he had an obsession with her.
"Uh...hey Mr. Studmeister,"said Kina,stuttering.
"Hey Kina, hows it going,"said Mr. Studmeister.
"Not bad."
"Are you going to the football game?"
"Yeah, Achilles will be there and I know you are going to coach."
"Can I get some hot chocolate."
After Studmeister recieved his drink, he made one of the cheesiest pickup lines ever.
"I'll see you in chemistry Kina, but it looks like we already have some chemistry."
"Mr. Studmeister, you're such a stud,"said Kina,gigling.
As Studmesiter walked to school, his mind kept thinking of Kina. He had an obsession with her and wanted her badly. Every time that he saw her, he went crazy.
After he was done being a perv,he took his medicine. Mr. Studmeister had to take his medicine everyday, or else he would go back to the way that he used too be. As he walked through the halls, he saw his usual sights. He saw Mr. Kappu making fun of kid as usual. He saw Rasheem, eating his usual 200 donuts in about ten minutes. He waw Christine, who always skips, come and aproach him.
"Hey, yesterday was pretty cool," said Christine.
"What happened" said Studmeister.
Remember, we skipped school and got drunk," said Christine.
"Did anybody find out," said Studmeister, in a defensive tone of voice.
"Find what out," said Christine.
"Nevermind, its nothing," said Studmesister.
As he continued on his way, he saw Jasper Jenkins starring in his classroom window. Jasper is a creepy old man wh looked at kids through windows. He was pretty much the exact opposite of Mr. Studmeister.
"Howdy there Mr. Studmeister," said Jasper.
"Hello Jasper," sighed Studmeister.
"Alot of bright young minds in this class," said Jasper.
"Jasper, do we have to go through this again? You can't keep stalking kids like this," said Studmeister.
"But you keep hitting on-"
"Yes I do,and I can do ti because I'm a stud.Look at you, you're a forty year old janitor who is a short and fat," exclaimed Studmeister.
"Oh fine, I wish I was a stud," sighed Jasper.
After dealing with Jasper, Mr. Studmeister walked into his room. His room was very large, maybe on of the largest in the school. There were brightly colored lights and sunllight that came into the room through the numerous windows. As he looked around , he saw Kina. He immediatley had lost control of himself. He wanted her, and he couldn't wait any longer. He had to have her and had to have her now.
"Hey Kina, can I talk to you outside for a few minutes,"said Studmesiter, in a stern tone of voice.
"Um sure,"replied Kina.
They then steped outside the classroom.
"Kina, there's something I have to tell you," said Studmeister.
"I know, i'm in love with you too," said Kina.
"No, it's not that, it's something much more important.Kina...I'm not really the stud that you think I am. I was actually born Jill Evans," he said.
"Are you saying that-"
Yes,I had a sex change and am actually a woman."
"OH MY GOD," yelled Kina.
"I know its different, but will you still love me."
"Yes I will,"replied Kina
They went to the janitors closet to make out. It was extremely intense, as the two really loved each other. However, the door suddenly opened and there was Jasper Jenkins.
"Why does everybody have to make out or have sex in my closet," said Jasper.


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