My name is Ryan Hoyt and i'm a juinor at CPHS. I like to play video games, play bass guitar in my band King's Ace. I am pretty big, but i'm actually a gentle giant

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What I needed to say
Dear ******** ******
There's something
I think I need to say
that I think
I'm in love with you
(poem starts)
For half a year
I sat behind you alone and scared
afraid of talking and rejection
an all consuming fear
confining me in my shell of protection
And when that class was through
I didn't think that it was true
and thats when it hit
I realized how I felt about you
At first I couldn't believe it
The more I think about you
the more I wish you were here
a hope
a wish
a dream
On my bed I would lay
look up to the heavens and pray
the clock reads half past nine
wishing there would be another day
get the chance to make you mine
And now you're next to me
once again
I talk to you everyday
no longer afraid
Instead, hopeful
this is what I needed to say


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