My name is Ryan Hoyt and i'm a juinor at CPHS. I like to play video games, play bass guitar in my band King's Ace. I am pretty big, but i'm actually a gentle giant

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Where I From
I am from my friends
Halo parties, jam sessions and cabin trips
I've been to hell and come back
obtaining wounds that may never heal
slowly climbing out of its depths
I aquired newfound faith
Forever changing who I am and will become
I am from my family
from a loving mother who cared
to a giving father who was always
and a brother who is loud and annoying
but no matter what, I will always love him
I am from Mettalica and Shinedown
AC/DC and Petrucci
Playing the bass guitar
jamming to a steady beat
Love,laughter and excitement
this is where I am from


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